What to Expect

Your comfort level is of our upmost concern during your visit. If you've never been to see a massage therapist before, here's what you can expect...

After filling out some paperwork, you will be shown to the therapist's room. He or she may ask you some questions concerning your health and discuss any of your concerns, and then instruct you as to how they would like you to lay to begin. The room will be a comfortable temperature, the lights will be dim and there will be soft, relaxing music playing. After the therapist leaves the room, you can undress to your comfort level. Most people undress but leave their underwear on; you may undress however you may wish, keeping in mind the specific areas the therapist may be working on. You may want to remove any jewelry you have on so that it does not interfere. You will cover yourself with a sheet once you are lying down and the sheet will remain covering you, except for the area that the therapist is working on.  

The therapist will give you a few minutes to settle in and relax. They will knock before they enter and then they will begin your massage. Usually light oil or creams are used during the massage and they are not typically very scented (if you have a sensitivity to scents, we strongly recommend telling your therapist before they begin).  It is essential during your massage that you communicate with your therapist if needed- if you need lighter or deeper pressure or something isn't comfortable to you, do not be afraid to say so. Some people like to talk during their massage and others do not, it is totally up to you.

Afterwards, your therapist will give you some time to collect yourself and get dressed.

If you have any other questions or concerns about what to expect during your massage, don't hesitate to ask your therapist.


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