Benefits of Massage

Massage and bodywork has many benefits. Here are just some of the few:
-Pain Management
-Stress Relief
-Increased Circulation
-Headache/Migraine Relief
-Lower Back Pain Relief
-Increases Overall Self-Awareness
-Chronic Pain Relief
-Improved Joint Function
-Increased Lymph Circulation
-Stretches muscles, ligaments & tendons

Frequent massage and bodywork can increase these benefits, and the regular self-care can help your overall health.

Health Benefits of Massage

- Taken from the American Massage Therapy Association Website:

A study published in the journal Cancer studied 4,139 cancer survivors about their use of complementary medicine.

* 11.2 percent of cancer patients use massage as a complementary therapy.
* 16.6 percent of female cancer patients, and 3.9 percent of male cancer patients use massage.
* Massage was found to be an especially popular complementary therapy with breast and ovarian cancer patients.

Sports Medicine
In a first of its kind animal study, conducted at Ohio State University, researchers tested the benefits of massage in a sports & fitness setting.

* Muscles massaged after exercise recovered an estimated 60 percent of strength in the following days, compared to restoration of about 14 percent of strength in muscles that simply rested after exercise.
* Muscles massaged after exercise had fewer damaged muscle fibers and virtually no sign of white blood cells, compared to rested muscles. The absence of white blood cells indicates that the body did not have to work to repair muscle damage after exercise.
* The massaged muscles weighed about 8 percent less than the rested muscles, indicating a reduction in swelling.

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